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Founded in 2015, The Monitor was originally an opinion publication on social justice issues. Over time, it has developed into a publication that produces news, opinion, interviews, and publishes statements from notable individuals and organizations at Hamilton College.


The Monitor is interested in publishing any article dealing with social justice issues, especially where an intersectional lens is used. These issues include global topics such as feminism, racial justice, the climate crisis, labor rights, immigration, and policing as well as issues on Hamilton’s campus such as student worker unionization, actions of the Administration, mental health and accessibility policy, discrimination, and campus activism. Here at the Monitor, we believe that the personal is political, so we define “social justice” in a very broad sense.


The Monitor’s news reporting seeks to shed light on power structures and the people who occupy them, and call attention to injustices at Hamilton and in our area. Whether it be the Administration, the far right, or even those within our movements for justice, the Monitor is watching. We believe the best antidote to abuses of power and ongoing harm is to expose it to the public, and in doing so build the public consciousness to stop it. It is our job to ensure that our readers not only understand how decisions are made that impact their lives, but how to take action to ensure those decisions represent their needs.

Though we have no allegiance, the Monitor’s responsibility is to the students and workers of Hamilton. We engage with our campus community to fulfill this responsibility and make our pages a hub for critical campus discourse. To that end, the Monitor enthusiastically encourages contributions from all those now or formerly affiliated with Hamilton who seek in good faith to promote justice, including letters to the editor calling us in to uphold our responsibility to students and workers.


Eric Santomauro-Stenzel '24 (he/him)

Digital Managing Editor

Gabriel Bit-Babik '25 (he/him)

Perspectives Managing Editor

Ananya Patil Rao '27 (she/her)

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The Monitor is a publication of the Hamilton College Media Board and, certainly and tragically, does not represent the views of Hamilton College or its trustees. Opinions expressed in this publication only represent those of their authors.

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