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  • Madison Lazenby

August 2020 Issue Out NOW!

Our last issue of the Monitor before school starts is out now, and we are excited to publish five new pieces.

In "Coronavirus, Energy, and the Climate Crisis", Keir Adamson '22 discusses the impact of the pandemic on the energy industry, with a particular focus on the future of renewable energy sources.

Ariana Wheeler '23 writes about the economic and social inequalities laid bare by the Coronavirus in "Working From Home Right Now is the Worst... Except, it's Not".

In "Balancing Activism and Academics", Saphire Ruiz '22 personally describes the challenges student activists face when trying to both study and organize.

Finlay Adamson '22 analyzes the dealignment of the working class from the Democratic Party and its implications for the 2020 election in "Democrats and the Working Class".

And in recognition of the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, Madison Lazenby '23 leads an honest discussion of the shortcomings of the early Suffrage Movement, while also recognizing the need for a reinvigorated movement for voting rights in "The Suffrage Movement Did Not End 100 Years Ago".

We hope you enjoy these articles, and welcome you to leave your comments below! If you are interested in writing for the Monitor, please let us know by emailing or attending one of our upcoming interest meetings. Thank you for reading, and we look forward to seeing you on campus soon!

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