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Back In Print!

This editorial first appeared in the February 29th, 2024 print edition.

Dear Hamilton,

For the first time since February 18th, 2020, the Monitor is in your hands. As Hamilton’s social justice publication, our mission is to elevate conversations about power, identity, and movements within our community. Our return to print is a milestone in accomplishing that ever-evolving goal at a time of renewal and change at Hamilton.

These print issues will be a bite-sized version of what’s available online. We strongly encourage you to visit our website ( for more articles, which we will continue posting without a set schedule, particularly breaking news.

We were an opinion-only, print-only, pictureless periodical when we last graced your tables and offices. Since then, we’ve lived online ( and have grown to include news, interviews, features, and letters sections. Our work has helped shape the Hamilton we have today, including building awareness and inspiring action on retaining faculty of color, making the campus more accessible, addressing this summer and fall’s Chaplaincy crisis, and much more. 

We embrace experimentation, value quality over quantity, and emphasize engaging with the community to co-create our publication. We are tremendously proud to work with you in producing editorially independent, thorough, and mission-driven journalism.

To that end, if you have a news tip, a pitch for an article, an idea for digital content (like a podcast or video), or any other way you’d like to contribute or provide feedback, please reach us by email at monitor/@/, or via Instagram at @hamilton.monitor.

It's fitting that this edition coincides with the inaugural visit of President-elect Steven Tepper to our campus. As we welcome him, we acknowledge the challenges ahead and the work required to fulfill our vision of a more just and equitable community.

President-elect Tepper's arrival heralds a new, unique chapter for Hamilton, one in which we pledge to be an active participant. As journalists, we hope that he will recognize student media for what it is: an independent voice calling for executive inclusion and transparency. With his background as a sociologist and creative, we are hopeful he can fulfill the interdisciplinary, experiential, inclusive, experimental vision Kirkland College first brought to our campus.

In creativity,

Eric Santomauro-Stenzel ‘24, Editor-in-Chief

Ananya Patil Rao ‘27, Perspectives Managing Editor

Gabriel Bit-Babik ‘25, Digital Managing Editor

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