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Editorial: Attribution for Bit-Babik in the Spectator

To the Hamilton Community,

We wanted to write this short editorial to acknowledge the correction and attribution that was made in the Thursday September 8 edition of the Spectator. We are, undoubtedly, glad to see that the correction was made, especially as it gave the proper credit to Gabriel Bit-Babik ‘25, one of our staff photographers, for his work. As happy as we are, we wish that we had not needed to put in so much time and energy for the Spectator to issue this correction. We will withhold further comments on this issue until college governance processes pertaining to this matter progress further so that we may speak with full knowledge on the topic.

This is all to say that if you were to ask one of us individually what is going on, the most we can say is that we are happy with how we are currently progressing and, ultimately, “it’s complicated.”


Madison Lazenby, Editor-in-Chief

Eric Santomauro-Stenzel, Managing Editor

Gabriel Bit-Babik, Staff Photographer

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