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  • Professor Scott MacDonald

Hamilton Faculty Letter On Chaplaincy

The following letter was shared and drafted by Professor Scott MacDonald. MacDonald sent the sign-on letter to those named below on Sunday, July 16th via email. For the purposes of this post, it has been edited only for formatting and given a title.

To President Wippman, Dean of Faculty Munemo, Associate Vice President Goodale, Associate Deans Hall, and Yee; Dean of Students and Vice President Card, Associate Vice President Landry and Associate Deans Hill, Genao-Homs, Solomon, and Van Wynsberghe:

The sudden dismissal of our colleague, Jeff McArn, came as more than a surprise to those of us on the Hamilton faculty who know and have worked with him. It was a shock.

Though he has usually been identified as the College Chaplain, and has served in that role for decades with consummate success, we also treasure him as a collaborator and a major asset to the college’s academic mission. He has taught students, assisted us in teaching ours, and has become among the most admired and beloved contributors to the academic lives and work of both students and faculty.

As I begin this letter, the Faculty Discussion Listserv is awash with faculty across the college stunned by Jeff’s dismissal, singing his praises and providing detailed information about the many ways in which he has contributed to our work. We are happy to make our experiences with Jeff available.

We can only assume that the Dean of Students Office simply was not clear on how important Jeff McArn is to both the spiritual and academic life of the college (and apparently didn’t check to see if he was working with faculty members over the summer—he was).

We are united in our hope that this sudden dismissal, apparently unprovoked by anything Jeff has done, can be reversed, and that he can immediately be invited back to campus, to continue to devote his efforts to supporting our students in the many ways that they/we have come to expect and to continue to be the crucial academic resource he has always been for the Hamilton faculty and the College as a whole.

[I did not think to ask those who signed this letter to identify their positions at Hamilton, but I assume it will be clear that the list includes many department and program chairs as well as professors from all ranks.]

Scott MacDonald

Co-signed by Hamilton Faculty:

Professor Vivyan Adair

Abhishek Amar

Douglas Ambrose

Frank Anechiarico

Stephanie Bahr

Mark Bailey

Scott Barnard

Catherine Beck

Vikranth Bejjanki

Ivan Bochkov

Jen Borton

Chuck Borton

Charlotte Botha

Debra Boutin, Samuel F. Pratt Professor of Mathematics Chair, Mathematics and Statistics


Clark M. R. Bowman

James Bradfield

Kate Brown

Heather Buchman

Jessica Burke

Jess Buttery

Alan Cafruny

Peter F. Cannavò

Ryan Carter

Jason Cieply

Justin Clark

Associate Professor Mark Cryer-Chair Theatre

Rhea Datta

Celeste Day Moore

Erica De Bruin

Katheryn Doran

Rebecca Dyer

John Eldevik

Stephen Ellingson

Shelley P Haley (Edward North Chair of Classics Emerita)

Kelly Faig

Anne Feltovich

David A. Gapp

Margaret Gentry

Chris Georges

Barbara Gold, Edward North Professor of Classics EmeritaChristian Goodwillie

Tristan Gordon

Ashley Gorham

Matt Grace

Kevin Grant

Peter Guiden

Naomi Guttman

Martine Guyot-Bender

Lydia Hamessley

Emily K. Harrison

Thomas Helmuth

Viva Rose Horowitz

Stephenson Humphries-Brooks

Sarah Jacobs

Marianne Janack

Susan Jarosi

Jessie Jia

Miriam Kamil

Masaaki Kamiya

Man Kaplan, Women’s and Gender Studies

Shoshana Keller

Robin Kinnel, emeritus

Philip Klinkner

Robert Knight, Associate Professor of Art

Amy Koenig

Lauralyn Kolb

Mireille Koukjian

Heather Kropp

Jaime L Kucinskas

Katharine Kuharic

Chinthaka Kuruwita

Chaise LaDousa

Adam Lark

Doran Larson

Craig Latrell

Hannah Lau

Michelle LeMasurier

James Lister

Alma Lowry

Scott MacDonald

Max Majireck

Seth Major

Russell Marcus

Rob Martin

Mike McCormick

John C McEnroe (emeritus)

Tara McKee

Heather Merrill

Cheryl Morgan

Ashley Morse

Rebecca Murtaugh

Joseph Mwantuali

Onno Oerlemans

Margo Okazawa-Rey, Senior Lecturer

Kyoko Omori

Steve Orvis

Alexandra Plakias, Philosophy

Jeff Pliskin

Deborah Pokinski

Colin Quinn

Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz, Professor of Comparative Literature Emerita

Carl Rabino

Peter J. Rabinowitz (emeritus)

Heidi M Ravven

Sharon Werning Rivera

Edna Rodriguez Plate

S Brent Rodriguez-Plate

Ian Rosenstein

Seth Schermerhorn

Franziska Schweiger

Franklin Sciacca

Evie Skoy

Jane Springer

Julie Starr

Mariah Stember

Darren Strash

Aaron Strong

Pavitra Sundar

Nick Tackes

Katherine H Terrell

Laura Tillery

Tina Toglia

Lisa Trivedi

Bonnie Urciuoli

Anne Valente

Bruce Walczyk, Professor Dance & Movement Studies

Chenyu Wang

Zhuoyi Wang

Jesse Weiner

Nigel Westmaas

Rachel White

Benjamin Widiss

Kim Wieczorek

Keelah Williams

Thomas Wilson

Doc Mike Woods

Stephen Wu

Steven Yao, LeFevre Professor of English

Wei Zhan

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