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Happy Fallcoming!

Dear Hamilton College community,

Welcome to campus, and Happy Fallcoming! This is a special time for us to connect as community members, demonstrating and reflecting on what makes this little College so special. We at the Monitor, Hamilton’s social justice paper, have been looking forward to celebrating this weekend. In this special edition, we hope to offer you a perspective deeper and more nuanced than our short time together can hold on its own.

We believe deeply in our institution’s values, and seek to uphold those of the everlasting women’s Kirkland College, taken over by Hamilton in 1978. In an effort to “Know Thyself,” we “think independently, embrace difference, write and speak persuasively, and engage issues ethically and creatively” to “effect positive change in the world,” as our College’s mission statement boldly asserts.

We are optimistic to experience you – students, faculty, family, alumni, and Trustees alike – evoke this ethic, and report as much. As we navigate these tumultuous, transitional times on and off campus, we must ask and answer tough questions, engage in public discourse, believe in expertise both learned and lived, and more.

We are Hamilton, and proud to be it.

The Monitor Editorial Board

Gabriel Bit-Babik '25

Ava Cargan '27

Vivian R. Miller '26

Adina Mujica '24

Eric Santomauro-Stenzel '24

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