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  • Madison Lazenby

Monitor Interview with Catherine Coleman Flowers!

On March 10th, the Monitor met with Catherine Coleman Flowers, a civil rights and environmental activist from Alabama. Flowers recently published Waste: One Woman’s Fight Against America’s Dirty Secret, which tells both the story of Flowers’ life as an advocate for justice, but also about America’s environmental justice issue with sanitation. The following video is the full interview.

Thank you to Catherine Coleman Flowers for joining us!

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12 mrt. 2021

Catherine Coleman Flowers is truly an inspiration. Her tenacity for spreading the word concerning environmental justice and how it ties in with health care disparities is a message that needs to be heard and comprehended by all. Unfortunately in our country and globally, the bottom line has been that those in charge make more profit and those that are marginalized by poverty, ethnicity, and gender do not have the tools or means in which to combat the victimization that they experience even down to not being able to have sanitation rights. What is so sad is that we do have the technology and knowledge to alleviate these disparities but the agenda to profit is a stronger driving force than help…

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