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  • Madison Lazenby

Read our May 31st Issue NOW!

We are excited to announce that The Monitor's first ever summer issue is out now! We have five new articles available to read online, written by Hamilton students from a variety of class years and perspectives.

In this issue:

Wriley Nelson '22 and Kate Miller '22 discuss the responsibility progressives have to support the Democratic nominee in "Joe Biden is Not a Progressive. Progressives Should Support Him Anyway".

Arianna Robertson '22 documents the effects Fast Fashion manufacturing processes have on the environment in "The Environmental Costs of Fast Fashion".

Eric Stenzel '23 and Saphire Ruiz '22 suggest a path forward after the 2020 Student Assembly elections in "Student Assembly's Growing Pains".

Madison Lazenby '23 provides lessons learned from a year of activism at Hamilton in "Five Things Activist Organizing Has Taught Me".

J. Bowen '21 discusses the economic and social challenges Coronavirus has created during an election year in "Campaigning in a Pandemic: The New Normal".

As a publication, The Monitor is committed to racial justice. The murder of George Floyd is an abhorrent and brutal reminder of the systematic violence Black people face in the United States, and we stand in solidarity with those fighting for racial equality and against police brutality. In this spirit, this issue includes a statement on Floyd's murder as well as the links to relevant organizations in need of your support.

We are incredibly proud to be publishing these insightful and thought-provoking articles, and hope you enjoy reading them. Despite not being on campus, The Monitor is excited to publishing high quality journalism throughout the summer.

Thank you for reading our newspaper. If you are passionate about politics, have an unique perspective on current affairs, or want to engage in student-led journalism, we would be happy to have you.


Finlay Adamson '22


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