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  • Zoe Sauvé

Rectify the situation

Originally sent as an email to the Dean of Students Office and Dean of Students Chris Card


I am writing on behalf of myself and my close friends on campus to say that the current communication sent earlier today by President Wippman is not what students have been advocating for or need at this time. While it is true that some students will benefit from a return to normal, their needs should not be put ahead of others who need more time to work through the events of last night. It is the administration’s duty to make classes optional for the day, if not to outright cancel classes altogether. Leaving this up to the professors will mean that some will not provide the flexibility needed, hence the need for administrative action.

The neglect to put such action into place is adding to the unease and unnerve on campus. Right now Hamilton does not feel like a welcoming place.

Students have already advocated for their needs, and the fact that our needs are not being addressed will not be forgotten.

I hope another statement is forthcoming to rectify the situation.


Zoe Sauvé

Class of 2023

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