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  • Madison Lazenby

Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

We are disgusted by the racist, heinous public execution of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department this week. His words, "I can't breathe," provide a direct link to the murder of Eric Garner by the New York City Police Department. George Floyd's murder is not an isolated incident. It was a part of a systemic pattern in America's policing system that harms Black people.

As a campus publication, we must use our platform to affirm the principles of racial justice and equality. Staying silent in the face of police brutality against Black lives is implicitly condoning murderous cops and the racist system that protects them. We therefore stand in solidarity with the movement for justice for Black people everywhere and urge you to donate to and support the following organizations and memorials:

Organizations You Can Donate to:

Petitions You Can Sign:

Most of these links were provided by the Black and Latinx Student Union and Feminists of Color Collective. Please visit the Resource Guide and Statement issued by BLSU and Feminists of Color Collective for more resources and information.

We also know that racism has repeatedly reared its ugly head on our own campus this year. We will continue to fight for racial justice at Hamilton with groups like the Black and Latinx Student Union, Asian Student Union, La Vanguardia, and Feminists of Color Collective taking the lead.


The Monitor.

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