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Student Government Alliance 2027 candidates share plans

The Monitor reached out to the Student Government Alliance candidates for Representative and President of the Class of 2027 to ask about why they're running for office. They were given three questions to answer:

  1. What should be the role of student government?

  2. What will your priorities be if elected?

  3. If elected, what will you do to engage the student body in your initiatives?

First published prior to the election, below are answers from the candidates in the order in which they were received. Voting opened on Monday, September 18th @ 1:00 PM via electronic ballot.

Since then, Nawar Kazi has been elected as Class President with 105 votes to their opponent's 51 votes. Gaby Guerra, Lillyster De Vreeze, Theodore Gercken, and Mohammad Sami were elected Class Representatives in an uncontested race for 4 seats.

Gaby Guerra - Class Representative Candidate

  1. Student Government should be the voice of the student body and bridge the gap between students and faculty. It should also be a safe place where all students feel comfortable to express any concerns or issues they may have.

  2. My priority is to make all freshmen feel included and have their needs advocated for. Whether it is planning more Friday night activities or increasing dining hall hours, I want students to know they are the ones making a change.

  3. I greatly encourage communication both verbally and online (emails, messages, etc)! I enjoy talking to new people and hearing their opinions and always want to take everything into account.

Nawar Kazi - Class President Candidate

  1. The role of student government should be multifaceted, serving as a bridge between the student body and the administration, and fostering a sense of community and inclusivity on campus. It is our duty to accurately represent the interests, needs, and concerns of the students, and to work tirelessly to advocate for policies and initiatives that will enhance the overall student experience at Hamilton College. Furthermore, student government should facilitate open dialogues, encourage student participation in governance, and create avenues for students to actively shape the culture and policies of the institution.

  2. If elected, my foremost priority will be fostering a culture of inclusivity and belonging, where every student feels seen and heard. This includes implementing programs that promote mental health and well-being. Additionally, I will advocate for academic reforms that encompass a wider range of perspectives and provide more opportunities for interdisciplinary studies. As President of the freshmen class, I hope to create a fun and engaging first year for my fellow classmates.

  3. Engaging the student body is pivotal in the success of any initiative. If elected, I will work on leveraging social media to keep the student body informed and involved in our initiatives. Moreover, I plan to collaborate with various student organizations to include as many perspectives as possible and to foster a sense of unity and cooperation. By encouraging active participation and open dialogue, we can ensure that our initiatives resonate with the student body and address their actual needs and concerns.

Cooper Burn - Class President Candidate

  1. The role of student government should be to use whatever ornamental podium they have, to actually voice the complaints all the students have so that they don’t have to, We all are annoyed by something let me spend my time on it.

  2. My priorities if I get elected will start with my promises; zip cars, gym congestion, and dining hall substitutions. They will then expand over to giving students more unique ways to spend time outside of the parties that can get repetitive. An outdoor ice rink and casino night were my initial ideas.

  3. If I get elected I shouldn’t have to do anything to get people to engage in my activities. Anything that feels like some sort of compulsion is a failed plan anyway. Hopefully, my actions will inspire students to go rather than get them to come through bribery.

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