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Student Statement Supporting Motion from the faculty recognizing Rev. Jeff McArn

Editor's note: This statement was read aloud at the faculty meeting on September 5th in support of a motion recognizing former College Chaplain Rev. Jeff McArn's 27 years of service. The faculty motion passed 110 to 2.

We, members of the student body and leaders in our respective communities, enthusiastically support the proposed motion and extend tremendous thanks to the faculty for raising this issue.

We share the sadness felt by the loss of Jeff McArn, a sadness that we can confidently say has resonated with every member of Hamilton College who knew, worked with, or even met Jeff once.

To many who signed this statement, as well as hundreds of students and alumni, McArn was the best part of Hamilton, especially for underprivileged students who found belonging in Jeff’s services. His tireless work to support students in all aspects should be commended by this institution as exemplary, rather than by the abrupt removal from the college that was notably decided without proper input or communication to the community.

The absence of transparency surrounding Jeff’s treatment has instead only deepened concerns regarding how the College treats its employees and students.

We fully support our professors in reaffirming Jeff McArn’s extraordinary record as our College Chaplain, and we look forward to joining them in finding opportunities to re-engage McArn at Hamilton.


Gabriel Bit-Babik ‘25, Co-chair of the Hamilton Young Democratic Socialists of America

Stephen Socolow ‘25, President of the PWLTDFT, Board Game, and Star Wars Clubs

Enzo Battaglia ‘26

Dani Bernstein ‘24, Co-editor in chief of Green Apple and ABU Intern

Meredith Brubaker ‘26

Brendan Byrne ‘26, Vice President of the Philosophy Club

Helair Charles ‘24, Vice President of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club

Philip Chivily ‘23, Former Small-Group Leader, Secretary, and President of Hamilton Christian Fellowship, Former President of the Newman Council, and Former Member of the Spiritual Life Council

Samuel Cho ‘26, President of Hamilton Christian Fellowship

Andrew Coleman ‘24

Asha Cook ‘25, Career Center Network Associate, Community Advisor

Peter Dillman ‘26, President of Jiu-Jitsu Club, RPG Club treasurer

Jhoana Flores ‘24, Co-chair of the Center for Intersectional Feminism

Josh Harmon ‘25, President of Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Carter Hollins ‘25, Hillel Vice President

Kristen Holness ‘25, President of the Black & Latine Student Union and former member of the Social Justice Fellowship

Diego E. Inzunza ‘25, Chair of the Feminists of Color Collective, Co-Chair of the Voices of Color Lecture Series

Carina Jones ‘25

Pedro Lacerda ‘26, Social Chair of the Black & Latine Student Union

Ethan McKellop '25, Co-President of the Hamilton Gender and Sexuality Union, Treasurer of the Hamilton Young Democratic Socialists of America

Eva Jo McIlraith ‘26, Chaplaincy Social Justice Fellow, Political Outreach Chair for the Hamilton Young Democratic Socialists of America

Vesa Miftari ‘24, Co-chair of the Hamilton Young Democratic Socialists of America

Eva Millay Evans ‘25 Career Center Network Associate, French Club Communications Director

Vivian Rose Miller ‘26

Lucy Naughton ‘24, Co-chair of the Center for Intersectional Feminism, Chaplaincy Social Justice Intern

Rachel O’Brien ‘24, Hillel Co-President

Skyla Patterson ‘24, Vice President of Culture Magazine

Kirk Petrie ‘25, President of Newman Council, former CSI Intern

Carlos Pichardo ‘25, Junior Leader of Meditation Club

Katie Rockford ‘24, Hillel Co-President, AXB E-Board Member

Leslie de la Rosa ‘25, President of Culture Magazine

Kevin Ross ‘25, President of the Hamilton College Debate Society

Eric Seeley ‘26, Untitled@Large Technical Director, Board Game Club Committee Chair

Kateryna Tsaryova ‘23, Former Presentation Vice President of the Hamilton College Choir

Brielle Whalen ‘26, Sophomore leader of Meditation Club

Kathryn Woodruff ‘25, Chaplaincy Protestant Intern

Christopher Zhou '26, President of Smash Club, Board Game Club Treasurer

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