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Presbytery of Utica Supports Rev. McArn

The below letter was sent to the Monitor by the Presbytery of Utica, signed by 18 local reverends. It has been edited only for formatting and given a title for this article. Hamilton College did not respond to Monitor's request for comment on the letter, and has not issued any public statements on a supposed "new direction" for the Chaplaincy Office since dismissing College Chaplain Jeff McArn without accusation of wrongdoing in June. Two employees of the Chaplaincy resigned in protest in July.

We are shocked and dismayed to learn that the Rev. Jeff McArn was recently dismissed

from the position of chaplain of Hamilton College after twenty-seven years of dedicated


Rev. McArn was ordained by the Presbytery of Utica on October 26, 1996. He began

service as chaplain the very next day. This has been his only pastoral call, and he has

served in this capacity with the highest distinction.

Rev. McArn’s character is sterling, his credibility beyond reproach. His faithfulness to

the work and witness of the Presbytery of Utica has been exemplary. The social justice

causes he has supported in the course of his ministry are innumerable, his energy for

those causes boundless.

Jeff is a much beloved friend and colleague. As minister members of the Presbytery of Utica, we stand by and with him, offering our full-throated support.

Rev. Dennis Dewey

Rev. Dr. John Wilde

Rev. JeanAnne Swope

Rev. Betsy Jay

Rev. Dr. Sam Pendergrast

Rev. Susan Poole Solomon

Rev. Dr. Robert Umidi

Rev. Dr. Naomi Kelly

Rev. James Ulrich

Rev. Aemina Razzano

Rev. Dr. Janet Hoover

Rev. Chet Lippy

Rev. Martha Miller

Rev. Victor McKusick

Rev. Stuart Wattles

Rev. Ed Townsend

Rev. Dr. Sue Riggle

Rev. Judith Westerhoff

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